Welcome to the PIONIER and VLTI community days

This joint workshop was organized by IPAG, ESO and EII. It took place at MJK in Grenoble from the 13th to the 16th of January 2014.

The presentations are available in PDF in the "program" pages.


Last Minute: due to a large attendance, the meeting will take place at the MJK, 10min walking from IPAG (see Access Map).

Last Minute: conference cocktail Wednesday 15.

PIONIER science meeting (13-14 of January)

The goal is to gather mini-reviews and discussions about the major topics that have been explored with PIONIER in the last 3 years:

  • Large program on YSO: JP. Berger
  • Imaging of YSO: J. Kluska
  • High Contrast: O. Absil
  • Galactic Center: S. Yazici and/or T. Paumard
  • Large program on Massive Binaries: H. Sana
  • Large program on Exozodi: JC Augereau
  • Mira stars: C. Paladini
  • Symbiotic Binaries: H. Boffin
  • Stellar surfaces: P. Kervella
  • New insights into eta Carinae: J. Groh
  • Data reduction and calibration: JB. Le Bouquin
  • RAPID detector upgrade: S. Guieu

VLTI community days (15-16 of January)

The spirit of this meeting is to provide a direct way for the community to exchange with those at ESO that take care of the VLTI and be informed of the ongoing projects, and to stimulate innovative scientific use of VLTI. Three incoming milestones justify this gathering: the offering of PIONIER to a wider community (P93) and the arrival of GRAVITY (2015) and MATISSE (2016).

There will be only invited oral contributions with plenty of time for discussions. The topics selected by the SOC are meant to put VLTI results in the global perspective and in a broader observational contextFuture VLTI community days will deal with topics not covered here.

Session 1: Scientific achievements of VLTI and what can be expected in the future

  • Star and planet formation
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Cosmological ladder

Session 2: Lessons learnt from 10 years of VLTI operation

  • An overview of VLTI scientific usage
  • Feedback from the 2013 users committee
  • 10 years of operation: successes and limitations

Session 3: Preparing for the future

  • VLTI future plans
  • A new model for VLTI operation and proposal preparation at the time of GRAVITY and MATISSE
  • European Interferometry Initiative and the future of VLTI and interferometry


  • Jean-Philipper Berger (Chair)
  • Jean-Baptiste Le Bouquin (Chair)
  • Stefan Kraus (Chair)
  • Andrea Chiavassa (SOC)
  • Antoine Merand (SOC)
  • Olivier Chesneau (SOC)
  • Christian Hummel (SOC)
  • Claudia Paladini (SOC)
  • Frank Eisenhauer (SOC)
  • Sebastian Hoenig (SOC)
  • Markus Wittkowski (SOC)
  • Willem-Jan de Wit (SOC)
  • Laurence Platel (LOC)
  • Sylvain Guieu (LOC)
  • Jacques Kluska (LOC)
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